ADD Legal is a team of Attorneys-at-Law located in Sofia, Bulgaria who encompass in- depth knowledge and expertise of the classic legal fields with experience and interest in technology, innovation and the new challenges of the modern world. Our practice is focused on the business and we provide complex services to national and international corporate clients.

The strictly individual approach to each client is what differentiates and defines us. We achieve it by understanding not only the specific legal issues we have been approached with, but also by getting to know in detail the specifics of the sectors in which our clients operate as well as by taking into consideration the specifics of the management of the respective business and the short- and long-term results intended by the client.

The main purpose of the legal services we offer is not only the solution of the specific issue, but also to provide a global consultation in order to avoid or minimise potential problems. We always strive to further develop our knowledge and skills in dynamic and unfamiliar territories, in order to constantly be ready to give working solutions to our clients and partners. In need of an interdisciplinary approach, our office has a network of local and foreign consultants from different fields which could be engaged in specific projects.

We provide legal services in Bulgarian, English, Spanish and Russian.

The added legal value to your business